Concrete Sealing

Getting a new concrete driveway, garage floor, patio or sidewalk is a large investment. Concrete sealing plays a major roll in helping protect that investment. Make sure to seal your concrete with a high-quality concrete sealer installed by a professional. We offer our services throughout the entire Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.


All newly poured concrete should be sealed 28 days after install. At a minimum make sure to seal any new concrete before it sees its first winter. After the first year, we recommend sealing your concrete every 2-3 years. Concrete sealing is a crucial part of maintaining your concrete in Minnesota. Your concrete will last a fraction of the amount of time by not applying a sealer regularly as it otherwise would. A quality sealer can protect your investment from damaging salt and surface pitting. It can also help minimize staining.

For driveways, aprons, garage floors and sidewalks we recommend using a high-quality acrylic sealer. For stamped and decorative concrete we recommend using a quality high-gloss sealer. Stamped concrete can be slippery when wet, to combat this we can add a traction sand to the sealer.


Prior to concrete sealing we will clean the surface with a high-quality concrete cleaner. We will wet the surface of your concrete, apply the cleaner and wash off by using a pressure washer with a scrubbing head. Once the concrete is dry we apply the acrylic sealer using a pressurized sprayer and 24″ roller cover. We spray the sealer on in a circular pattern to get an even spread and immediately back roll it with the 24″ roller to push the sealer into the pores of the concrete.


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